will guide you as a real one

Vocal GPS Audio Guide
Discover new and interesting facts about Chisinau

Dromos - is an audioguide app which tells stories like a real guide

Discover the Chisinau's history, also the stoeries of sites you walk by.


Dromos let you walk in your own rhythm and wherever you want, bypassing interesting objects


You can go and stop whenever you want.
When and how long do you want.


>80 sites

The application uses your GPS coordinates to tell you a story about each of the more than 80 objects by which you will pass

>10 hours of stories

The total length of the stories only about Chisinau is more than 10 hours


During the businesstrip

Before or after a long day of meetings, you can stroll, unwind, and also learn a lot about the city you staying in


On weekends

If the weather is available, you can always go for a walk through the familiar streets of Chisinau, opening each time a new old one, something about which buildings, stones and places are silent.


For education purposes

Help your children learn more about the city in which they live, and connect what they learned in the lessons with places passing by every day

It's fun and easy

Even a child can easely use DROMOS application and will be able to learn more about the city in which he lives. Just put on the headphones, turn on and learn little-known about Chisinau.

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